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Troop 944 Bethany United Methodist Church Clean Up

October 28th- It’s once again the time of year where we support our chartering organization with the fall clean up on October 28th. Donuts for breakfast and hotdogs for lunch are included!

Webelos-O-Ree Weekend

This weekend (from Friday night, the 20th of October, to the 22nd) Troop 944 will be participating in the annual Webelos-O-Ree.

Where: Lookout site of Camp Saffran in Broad Creek Scout Reservation

Arrival: Any time Friday afternoon

Dismissal: By 8:30 AM on Sunday morning

We are again demonstrating Bones and Moulage First Aid. The nights will be cold, so remember to bring warm clothes.


Shooting sports weekend

The next troop campout is shooting sports at Broad Creek Memorial Scout Reservation. There will be archery and rifle shooting at the range. Webelos ll scouts are welcome but can only shoot archery. Here are the details:

-March 24-26

-Camp Saffran- Jamestown Adirondack area

-Cost is $15 -camping and archery and rifle or $5 for just camping

-BSA medical forms are needed and permission slip signed

Camp Saffran Map and Event Flyer

Welcome to the new Troop 944 Website!

Your webmaster has been working hard to update our current troop site and it’s finally here! Pretty soon your current link for our troop website will forward to this new site. In the meantime you may explore this website and see what it has to offer. 

Some of the benefits of the new Troop 944 Website include:


  • Modern and current blogging WordPress platform allowing more flexibility to communicate and access to plugins and widgets offering customized options for our site. 
  • The ability for Scouts to write and submit articles they would want to include perhaps for their leadership positions or for merit badges. 
  • Mobile Friendly from Smart Phones and Tablets.
  • Logical user interface for our Webmasters to maintain and update the site.
  • Easily searched FAQ’s and Document Resources. 



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